Welcome to our beautiful Farm and Eco-Retreat Center!

Come stay with us at Hale Akua Garden Farm, Pali Uli Gardens and the Villa, which are all part of Hale Akua Garden Farm. Situated side-by-side on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui’s dormant volcano, they overlook 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline. When you stay with us, you can learn about organic gardening and edible landscaping and at the end of the day rest and enjoy the beautiful grounds.

Your introduction to organic gardening and edible landscaping begins with a Hale Akua farm tour. You then get to choose what other courses you want. A full description of our other courses is listed on another page on our website called farm education and tutorials. Among them are courses in Worm Composting, Sproutiing, BioChar production, Introduction to Beekeeping, and Raising Backyard Chickens among others. Also, if you still have some time, yoga  classes are offered six days a week on a donation basis. For those interested in healing and personal growth, training  in Compassionate Communication and sessions in massage are available as well.

Hale Akua 2016-01-27 at 1.23.11 PMHale Akua Garden Farm offers courses on organic gardening and farming topics like soil health, beekeeping, raising chickens, and worm composting to the local community and visitors who seek to learn about these topics. The Farm offers both tutorials and larger classes. Additionally, the Farm also markets its produce to local restaurants, among them Flatbread Pizza and Maui Kombucha, to its local health food store, Mana Foods and at the Upcountry Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

Hale Akua Garden Farm also runs a small eco-farming intern program on the property. Farm interns participate in farming classes every morning between Monday and Friday. They also are offered free instruction in Compassionate Communication, which is profoundly helpful in effective farm management and life management in general. Like the guests at Hale Akua and Pali Uli, they are also able to take yoga and meditation classes to support their physical health and equanimity. We consider physical and psychological well-being an essential aspect of successful farming.

Relaxing after a Day of Learning at Hale Akua Garden Farm and Pali Uli Gardens: Hale Akua and Pali Uli Gardens have between them, two wonderful private pools and one shared swimming pool, where you can cool off and exercise in beautiful surroundings after a day of learning. Following our green principles, our shared swimming pool is a solar heated salt water pool. We are happy not to use harsh chemicals in our pools. We also have two private hot tubs and two shared ones and one infra-red sauna.

Buying Organic Food to Eat right on the Farm: You can also buy organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, sprouts and honey right at our farm to cook in our lovely kitchens. Also, as a certified organic farm, we are committed to maintaining an herbicide and pesticide free environment and use no noxious cleaning chemicals within our dwellings or in our pools and hot tubs.

Additional Features about Our Very Special Location: Hale Akua Garden Farm and Pali Uli Gardens are both cooled beautifully by the trade winds in the summer. Also, we have some of the finest air to breathe on the island.

Our facility is bathed in ocean tradewinds and negative ions from the 150 foot waterfall just below us. We are also miles away from the dioxin of sugar cane-burning and residues from gasoline, herbicides and pesticides, all very present both in Paia and Kuau and on the other side of the island. Hale Akua Garden Farm is in the perfect location for growing organic vegetables and fruits. Our chickens and their eggs are organic as well.  So, staying at Hale Akua Garden Farm and Pali Uli Gardens are wonderful places for students who wish to be exposed to as few chemicals as possible when studying farming in Maui. And because we are not close to the tourist areas, the moon and stars are gorgeous at night.

SC-logo-smallSunrise Center, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization, is the lease holder of Hale Akua Garden Farm and is pleased to present programs dealing with sustainable gardening, farming and herb growing on a regular basis.  Please Note: Attendance in our course Introduction to Organic Gardening and Permaculture is required when you come to stay at Hale Akua Garden Farm.

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