Today the farm crew has been hard at work transforming Lehua Garden, a zone of the farm that is near and dear to my heart. When I first arrived on the farm 4 months ago, Lehua was a field full of ginger. Now that the ginger has been fully harvested, it is time to plant a cover crop. The soil has been tilled and we are seeding buckwheat, which will establish quickly, reduce weed pressure, and rejuvenate soil fertility. I am thrilled to be on the farm long enough to witness the full cycle of crop rotations of longer term crops in Lehua. I will be ecstatic when we get to plant a new crop in there and receive a bountiful harvest from that space! We have also been managing the periphery of the garden and pulling up weed mat along the back boundary. We are working with the slope that exists there by forming a terrace, where we intend to plant lime trees and introduce vetiver grass as a stabilizer along the the sloping edges. Did you know that vetiver grass roots can grow 15 feet deep?! It is an excellent plant for reducing erosion, and we are loving propagating it more here at Hale Akua.

ALSO, it’s that time again . . . Spring Mix is back!!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for those tender Salanova Lettuces to be stocked up for some epic salad eating.


Above is a picture of Lehua Garden during my first week here in early October.


After some serious sweat and love, you can see the incredible progress we’ve made!!

image1 (1)

Manny harvests some lettuces ripe for the eating:)

In the Community Fridge We Have . . .
Salad Mix
HI Chilies
Thai Basil
Wing Beans

Xx Jennifer and the Hale Akua Farmily

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