As part of the internship program here, the interns engage in a permaculture design project and installation. Over the past week, the crew has had an introduction to permaculture and a class in permaculture design methods.  In our site selection process, we surveyed the farm for a location to design, eventually deciding on the area adjacent to our packing shed. We are excited to increase the efficiency and aesthetics of the area, a place where we spend a large portion of our time. We then embarked on an in depth site analysis, in which we noted existing features and structures, such as direction and location of sunlight, water flow, infrastructure, and access points. In the next week, the crew will work together to create a final design, which will we will install together in the remaining weeks of this session. We have already gotten to work clearing the cane grass and false kava, giving us a clearer understanding of the land we’re working with. Because this space is next to our community fridge, you all will be able to observe the progress we make and see permaculture in action as the land evolves. This is a hard working, creative group, and I am so excited to see how the design progresses. IMG_9023
Mark, Matt and Jonathan observe the area. We can all agree that the weeds have got to go.

IMG_9026Cane grass over Andrea’s head! Can you spot mark in this picture?

After only about 2 hours, we cleared most of the weeds, allowing us to more fully imagine what the space might become.

Interns come together to share their findings after completing their site analyses.

In the Community Fridge we have . . .
Salad Mix
Brassica Mix
Dandelion Greens
Bok Choy
HI Chili Peppers
Purple Cayenne Peppers

Xx Jennifer and the Hale Akua Farmily


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