As of this week, the chicks have been on the farm for a full month! It has been amazing to watch their wings and bodies develop, as well as see their behaviors becoming increasingly bold and independent. They have now moved out into the whole brooder house and no longer have a need for their heat lamps. Their tiny chirps are becoming more pronounced, and they are showing a desire to take flight and roost.

Over the last two days, the crew has taken advantage of the sun and dug a total of five beds in Grace and Lehua Garden. We planted collards, Asian greens, and cilantro. We had a big harvest today, so the fridge is packed extra full of delicious produce! I’m particularly excited that we’re starting to harvest our okra plants. I’m predicting some gumbo in our near future:)


These little ladies are growing up so fast! They’re looking a little gangly and awkward in their quickly changing bodies. I’d call this their pre-teen phase.

Chicks hanging out in the Brooder House – so much new space to explore!

We used to be able to examine all the chicks in this basin. Now they fly up to roost on its edges.

IMG_0442 (1)
A picture of our first okra harvest! This variety is called “carmine splendor” and has a unique deep red hue. (The kale photo-bombing in the background is looking cherry too!)

In the Community Fridge we have . . .
Brassica Mix
Arugula (extra spicy)
Dandelion Greens
Bok Choy
Salad Mix
Wing Beans
HI Chilies
Purple Cayenne

Xx Jennifer and the Hale Akua Farmily

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