We hope that you are enjoying the gorgeous blue skies today! Here on the north shore, we are grateful for a break from the rain. We spent the week digging beds, doing some plantings, managing the chicken paddocks, and weeding. We are excited about the gorgeous produce that we have harvested up for you all this morning! We got our first harvest on eggplant and purplette onions. Our salad mix is also back in action. Those beautiful carrots are still in stock, but they won’t be around for long, so come enjoy them while they’re in abundance.

To kick off the weekend, the crew is headed down Hana Highway to check out some waterfalls and dip in an ocean pool. Don’t forget to get outside and play!

It’s time to eat the rainbow! This week it’s all about PURPLE.

FullSizeRender (7)
These gorgeous eggplants have been blowing my mind. With the heavy rainfall we’ve had, we got to watch them go from tiny emerging fruits to mature eggplants in just one week.
Purple Cayenne! The seeds for these peppers were acquired at an island wide seed exchange. We grew them to preserve the variety, and they are quickly becoming a favorite. A few people at the Upcountry’s Farmers Market have been making purple hot sauce with them. Yum!
Purplette Onions!! I have been eagerly awaiting these guys for months. Spring is the season and they are finally ripe for eating:)
We harvested about 12 pounds of Salanova lettuces today for our tender salad mix. The mix includes 8 varieties of lettuces, including the red oak leaf and red butter, which have beautiful red violet hues.
And then there’s our faithful wing beans. I’m amazed at what a long and luscious season they have given us.
In the Community Fridge we have . . .
Dandelion Greens
Bok Choy
Purplette Onion
Wing Beans
HI Chilies
Green Beans

Xx Jennifer and the Hale Akua Farmily

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