This week, Jonathan found the first turmeric sprout emerging through the soil in Grace Garden! We are ecstatic to see that new life is emerging from the field. Turmeric’s sprouting habit is indeterminate in timing, so while some seed emerges just a month after planting, others may take more than twice as long. We look forward to watching as the field becomes flush with turmeric leaves! Also spotted this week – our first Lilikoi flowers blooming on the Ohana Garden fence! As soon as we get our first Lilikoi fruits, we will be propagating them along the entire fence line of Ohana. In the meantime, we are enjoying the color and beauty of their exquisite flowers:)

First turmeric sprout in Grace Garden!


FullSizeRender (8)
Lilikoi flower in Ohana Garden!


News from the Hen House
Our laying hens have been providing a serious abundance of eggs! We are happy to inform you that due to the increase in egg production, we will be lowering the price of eggs, as well as beginning to offer eggs packaged in dozens. Our half dozen containers, previously $3.50, will now be available for $3.00. Our dozens will be available for $5.00. We are grateful for your commitment to shopping at the fridge and supporting local organic farmers!

IMG_0542 IMG_8675
Who doesn’t love a good before and after picture? The pullets are growing up so quick! Can you believe these used to be our tiny chicks?

As dusk approaches, the hens come inside and begin their evening line up on the bamboo roosts.

Egg collection and processing is a much bigger job now that we’re collecting between 50 and 100 eggs a day!

In the Community Fridge we have . . .

Dandelion Greens
Bok Choy
Green Beans
Wing Beans
Purplette Onions
Purple Cayenne
HI Chilies
Salad Mix
Eggs (1/2 and Full dozen!)

Xx Jennifer and the Hale Akua Farmily

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