It’s been a busy week full of lots of excitement and productivity on the farm. We’ve dug beds, transplanted starts, managed weeds, harvested SO much food (can you imagine 75 pounds of eggplant?!), and planted in our seed house. We are making a lot of progress on our new permaculture project, in which we are redesigning the area surrounding the villa pond. Some of our chief aims are to increase the serenity of the area, plant target species that will provide food sources for the fish in the pond (i.e. guava, mulberries, edible hibiscus, and sweet potato), and develop the aesthetics of the view shed around the pond. We have finalized our design, focusing primarily on the plant layer of the design, rather than infrastructure elements. With this approach, we are able to incorporate contributions from all collaborators and focus on cultivating vegetation. We are excited to introduce a few of our favorite species such as bougainvillea, night blooming jasmine, jade vine and comfrey.
Check out our final design!  . . .



The community has been buzzing with connection, liveliness, and joy. With only two weeks left with the current crew, we are squeezing in all the play time we can. We have been have been enjoying the tradition of our weekly themed community dinners, which gives us the opportunity to cook together and share in the abundance of food! We are also looking forward to hiking Haleakala together this weekend in the light of the full moon.

Smiles all around at our community sushi night this week:)

IMG_1474 (1)
A big happy birthday to Mann Johnson, beloved intern and master of chili peppers! The Hale Akua Farmily and staff enjoyed circling up together to celebrate Manny over lunch. Who needs the heat of a candle when we have Hawaiian chili peppers to top the cake?!
IMG_1462 (1)
I always love how birthdays bring together the farmers and staff at Hale Akua to celebrate life and the individuals in our community.


Mann and Rose harvest chilli peppers beneath our towering sunflowers!

In the Community Fridge this week we have. . .
Mustard Greens
Baby Bok Choy
Eggs (half and full dozens)
Baby Arugula
Salad Mix
Wing Beans
Purple Cayenne Peppers
Hawaiian Chilli Peppers

xX Jennifer and the Hale Akua Farmily

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