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Hale Akua Garden Farm

Dear Guest of Hale Akua Garden Farm,

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. We deeply appreciate your candid feedback, which is invaluable as we continue to serve guests.

Please put your completed questionnaire in the envelope, seal the envelope and give it to one of the Managers, leave it on the office door or mail it to us. If you bring us your completed questionnaire before you leave, we have an Aloha gift for you!

Mahalo for sharing your observations and feelings about staying here. We especially appreciate positive feedback on Yelp and Trip Advisor and encourage you to visit their websites and leave a review of Hale Akua Garden Farm. Mahalo Nui Loa!


Lori Grace (Owner), 
Shiva D’Addario (Manager), 
Doris Maran (Office)

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When was your stay with us?

Was the cleanliness of your room satisfactory?

How was your experience of your room?

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When was your stay with us? _______________________________________

1. Please describe what you most liked about staying at Hale Akua.

2. Please describe something you noticed that could be improved upon.

3. Please identify the room you stayed in: _________________________

Was the cleanliness of your room satisfactory?
How was your experience of your room?
Is there anything about your room that you feel could be 
improved upon?

4. We welcome comments on our kitchens and dining facilities. Was the cleanliness in our kitchen and dining area satisfactory? What did you most and least enjoy about the kitchen and dining facilities available to you while staying here?

5. Were you happy with overall cleanliness at Hale Akua? Please feel free to make specific comments or observations.

6. Did you use our WiFi? Did it meet your needs?

7. The staff at Hale Akua Garden Farm is dedicated to bringing you the best service they can. Was there anyone you’d like to acknowledge or anyone about whom you would like to comment?

• Shiva (Manager)
• Doris (Office)
• Jorda (Office)
• Marishi (Weekend & After Hours, Landscape Aesthetics)
• Jonathan (Farm Co-Manager)
• Elan (Farm Co-Manager)
• Len (Maintenance)
• Barry (Grounds)

8. Did you find the housekeeping staff to be friendly, courteous and attentive to your needs?

9. Did you use any services offered by our associated personnel? Please indicate whose services you used (if any) and if you liked their services. Did they seem reasonably priced?

• Shiva for private yoga or meditation
• Our recommended massage therapists
o Maureen Dean
o Cassie Champagne
o Barry Feld
o Mohini Bethell
o Mandi Marshall
• Other recommended individuals offering therapeutic or healing services here?

10. Please feel free to comment candidly on anything at Hale Akua Garden Farm, any aspect.

11. How did you first hear of us?

Word of Mouth Workshop Other:_________________

12. Have you seen our website? Did our website provide the information you needed? Please specify any information that was not easily accessible on the website. Comments or Suggestions about our website?

13. If you would like to offer a testimonial for use on our website, please do so here. If you need more space, please use the back of the page. Please Check here ________ if we may use your comments, identifying you only by your initials, city and state or country. If you would like to offer a video testimonial, please let us know in the office. We can do a video testimonial easily and quickly. Mahalo!

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Mahalo for sharing your observations, suggestions, 
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~ Mahalo ~
Hale Akua Garden Farm

Registration Form

By registering and visiting Hale Akua Shangri-La, a.k.a. Hale Akua Garden Farm, I am agreeing to release all employees, property owners, residents, contractors, facilitators and staff, neighbors and lease holders from any liability of any nature, including but not limited to loss or damage to personal property, or personal injury. In doing so, I accept full responsibility for myself, my guests and/or any other persons using the property at my invitation.

There are absolutely no drugs or heavy alcohol allowed (wine & beer are ok in moderation). Please no smoking except in designated smoking area (maze area adjacent to lower pond).


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Hale Akua Garden Farm


In the case that I voluntarily and knowingly decide to use the swimming pool at Hale Akua Shangri-La (aka: Hale Akua Garden Farm) I understand and acknowledge after reading and understanding this release, that I hereby waive the possibility of blaming any resulting personal injury or other damage on Hale Akua Shangri-La. I release and indemnify them from any and all judgments, claims, costs, liabilities and expenses, including medical bills, arising out of or in any way connected with my use of the pools and the trail.

I acknowledge the risks of injury or drowning associated with the swimming pool and the ponds. Nonetheless, if I do use the swimming pool, I elect to accept full responsibility for that decision and any injury, which may result. I accept and assume all risks associated with use of the swimming pool.


Date: _____________ Signed: __________________________________


If you are a parent signing this on behalf of your minor child(ren), please read, complete and sign the additional paragraph below:

I certify that I have read and understand the above paragraphs. As a parent or guardian of: _____________________________________________

and in consideration of my child(ren) being allowed to use Hale Akua Shangri-La’s swimming pool, I agree that I and my said child(ren) shall be bound by the terms of this Waiver & Release. I further acknowledge and agree to the necessity to supervise my child(ren) while they are in the vicinity of the swimming pool and/or ponds.

Signed: ___________________________________________________

SC-logo-smallSunrise Center, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization, AKA Launa I'o Eco Education Center, is the lease holder of Hale Akua Garden Farm and is pleased to present programs dealing with sustainable gardening, farming and herb growing on a regular basis.

Smoke-Free Rooms

Hale Akua Garden Farm is a smoke-free health resort. Employees and guests are prohibited from smoking tobacco on the property.

Permit STRH : 2017/0003
Permit SUP2 : 2016/0013
Permit #CP : 2005/0006
Permit #SUP2 : 2005/0004
Hawaii Taxes are added to room price:
GET is 4.167%, and TAT is 9.25%.
Hale Akua Tax ID #94-327-7590
Sunrise Center Tax ID #94-327-2640