Educational Facilities

Hale Akua Garden Farm has two lecture rooms one small and one large where teachers can present Powerpoint slides and movies about on any number of educational topics. In the picture above, Lauren Russert of the USDA Hawaii is presenting in our larger lecture room on different types of bees found on the islands.

Additionally an outdoor introductory class in organic gardening and edible landscaping is included in the price of any room stay.


Our Beautiful Seminar Rooms

Hale Akua’s Larger Seminar Room

Hale Akua Garden Farm’s large lecture room can accommodate up to 85 students studying yoga, communication, gardening, nutrition- whatever  related topics are being presented. This number Group in process smallerwould include people attending from Maui. About 28 to 30 students can practice yoga in our large meeting room. Retreat leaders are invited to call us about making residential arrangements for their students. Between our facility and those of our partnering neighbors we can accommodate up to approximately 55 students.
The main meeting room is 1,050 square feet. It has a sealed bamboo floor, mirrors, high quality sound equipment, video projector, sliding screen doors, skylights, beautiful adjustable blinds, ceiling fans and adjustable lighting in all areas. Many folding chairs, zafu meditation cushions and back jacks are available for use in the main meeting room.
Our main meeting room is also excellent for yoga classes. We can comfortably accommodate 26 students practicing yoga at any one time. We have yoga mats, yoga straps and yoga blankets. We also have 20 zafus if desired for practicing meditation and pranayama.
The Villa meeting area

The Villa’s large lecture and breakout room

Hale Akua’s smaller seminar room

A smaller lecture room is available at the Villa. That room can accommodate up to 35 students studying farming and other related topics. At the end of the day, when the Villa is not being used for lectures, it can also function as a beautiful lounge and dining area overlooking 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline. Adjoining the lecture room is a kitchen where meals can be prepared. Some food can be purchased from the farm itself.
If a teacher has a particularly small yoga class, twelve people or less, she or he can teach yoga in that room. We have a wood floor that can be installed over the carpet. It is made of wood tiles. We have yoga mats, yoga straps and yoga block supports if desired. Zafus are also available desired for yoga meditation and pranayama.
Informal Breakout Rooms
In addition to the two larger seminar rooms, Hale Akua offers four possible breakout rooms. This is truly ideal for conferences with a number of presenters. There are two breakout rooms in the main house, one at the Waterfall house and one in the main kitchen area. In all of these breakout areas, students can talk and also help themselves to snacks if that is the plan. Each of these breakout rooms can accommodate between 12 and 16 people.

For larger seminars, we recommend the main dining area near the pool. We have two indoor dining areas next to our large kitchen. The indoor dining area pictured above can accommodate at least 30 people eating at any one time. The outdoor area can hold 30 people eating at any one time as well.


Our Smaller Classroom and Lounge at the Villa

Our smaller classroom and lounge at the Villa overlooks a spectacular view-30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline-clearly an inspirational view for students. If you walk out to the railing by the gorge at a break, you also have the best view of our 150 foot waterfall.
Folding chairs or floor cushions can be placed on the marble floors to easily accommodate a group of 35 students in the main lounge and lecture room for both studying and eating. Carpet can also be placed on the marble circle to add even more carpet area to the floor if the students are using floor cushions thus raising the total number of students to about 40.


Villa Kitchen IAN_8748

Our Spacious Villa Kitchen

Our Kitchen Facility at the Villa

Families and student groups can cook wonderful large meals at our kitchen facility at the Villa which is right next to our lounge and seminar room. The kitchen has a large stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, water filter and many cupboards.


Places to Relax after Seminars and Outdoor Classes

People can enjoy relaxing in our hot tub overlooking thirty miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline. Our view extends all the way to Hana. Next to our hot tub is our infra-red sauna. A hot tub, a sauna and a swim in our 60 foot solar heated swimming pool are all wonderful ways to relax after taking attending seminars and classes at our farm. For a detailed description of the organic gardening and farming classes we offer, please see our section on farm classes and tutorials.

Hot Tub Duo Jets 0921

SC-logo-smallSunrise Center, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization, AKA Launa I'o Eco Education Center, is the lease holder of Hale Akua Garden Farm and is pleased to present programs dealing with sustainable gardening, farming and herb growing on a regular basis.

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