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How would you like to take a luxurious vacation for two on an organic farm, or bring your family along? If your answer is a “yes”, come to our beautiful Maui Farm Retreat and stay at Hale Akua Garden, the Villa or Pali Uli Gardens. Your choice! When staying here you will have a chance to rest, relax and learn some organic gardening if you wish or go out to enjoy the beautiful sites of Maui. Whichever room you pick, you will have a chance to enjoy our 60 foot solar heated pool, our infra-red sauna or one of our four hot tubs overlooking 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian jungle coastline or our hot tub overlooking Pali Uli’s gorgeous garden. Hale Akua Garden Farm is a green resort. We use no unsafe cleaning chemicals in our facility and our 60 foot pool is treated with salt as opposed to chlorine. Additionally our large pool is heated with solar energy. We also use extensive photovoltaic systems for our electricity needs.

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Hale Akua Map

Map of the Grounds

Pali Uli aerial good one Pali Uli Gardens: Welcome to Pali Uli Gardens, a place where you can stay at luxury accommodations, to rejuvenate yourself, and eat certified organic food freshly harvested from the property itself. You can learn about sustainability while taking our complimentary farm tour. If you want to learn even more, a whole selection of additional gardening and farm tutorials are available. And sometimes, you can join a group class that is being offered to our farming interns.  Whichever section of Pali Uli gardens you stay in, our amenities include a kitchen or wet bar, a private hot tub and pool , spectacular views and an indoor and outdoor dining area.
MainHouse The Main House: The Main House is comprised of the Grand View, Ocean Vista, Dolphin, Gazebo and Grand View rooms. The Main House also includes a kitchen, hot tub and an indoor and outdoor dining area. The Gazebo room is located on the patio just outside the main house. Staying it gives one the feeling of being completely surrounded by Nature.
Cabana-Pool-930 pixels The Cabana Building: The Cabana Building is comprised of the Cabana Lotus, Cabana Garden, Pond Room and Pool Room. The Cabana Lotus can accommodate a small family of two parents and two kids. There is a loft above the sleeping area for reading and relaxing. both the Cabana Garden and the Cabana Lotus have their own bathrooms. The Cabana Building also includes a kitchen, a 60 foot swimming pool and a beautiful water landscape in addition to an indoor and outdoor dining area.
IAN_8684 The Ohana House: The Ohana House includes the Jasmine Suite, Plumeria and Gardenia rooms. All three units have their own private bathrooms. The Ohana House also includes a kitchen, a wading pool, a hot tub, a beautiful private garden, spectacular views and an indoor and outdoor dining area.
The Villa_8758 The Villa: The Villa is a perfect location for a large family or a small group. The house welcomes you with its large lounge area and it’s warm wood, vaulted ceilings, grand marble fireplace, curving loft area, large family-sized kitchen and exquisite Koa wood staircase leading to a gorgeous sleeping loft upstairs. If hosting a party or a seminar, at least 30 people can be accommodated in the lounge area. The Villa also has a hot tub overlooking 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline.

Hawaii Taxes are added to the price of the rooms:

GET is 4.167%, and TAT is 9.25%.

SC-logo-smallSunrise Center, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization, AKA Launa I'o Eco Education Center, is the lease holder of Hale Akua Garden Farm and is pleased to present programs dealing with sustainable gardening, farming and herb growing on a regular basis.

Permit STRH : 2017/0003
Permit SUP2 : 2016/0013
Permit #CP : 2005/0006
Permit #SUP2 : 2005/0004
Hale Akua Tax ID #94-327-7590
Sunrise Center Tax ID #94-327-2640