Pali Uli Gardens

One of Pali Uli's exquisite gardensPali Uli Gardens, a part of Hale Akua Garden Farm, is a spectacular section of our farm with beautiful gardens and fertile fields. Pali Uli sits overlooking a 150 foot waterfall and thirty miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline stretching all the way to Hana.

Pali Uli guests also have access to certified organic products which include eggs, sprouts, fruit, honey and vegetables on any day, freshly harvested from the farm itself. In your classes, you will come to understand how our vegetables, sprouts and fruits are grown and harvested. You will be able to take much of what you learn back to your home where you can grow your own gardens whether in a back yard or a farm of your own. We even have tailored our some of our courses for apartment dwellers who have container gardens on their balconies.

No other site on the island of Maui commands such a magnificent vista. Pali Uli is an indescribable enchantment of lush tropical gardens, rich with produce, placid lotus ponds and gorgeous waterfalls. For those who enjoy farm animals, you can visit our chickens and ducks or our little baby chickens in season. We have about 175 chickens on the at cliff house

In addition to our introductory course in organic gardening and edible landscaping, you may also take other tutorials or classes such as raising backyard chickens, composting, sprouting, creating biochar and other topics. Additionally, you are also welcome to swim in Hale Akua Garden Farm’s sixty foot solar heated swimming pool and participate in other agricultural seminars offered to the general public.

As you enter the property, you will see to the right a beautiful field full of organic fruit trees, chickens and ducks.  Among fruiting trees are bananas, coconuts, papayas, oranges and pigeon peas. In Grace gardens next to Pali Uli, you will see growing fields of organic lettuce, kale, turmeric, Hawaiian hot chili peppers, leeks, pineapples and lemon balm among other crops. Our bee hives are here too. If you want to visit them, you will need to sign up for a beekeeping tutorial as we will want you to wear a bee suit.  Grace garden is where most of our outdoor classes take place. Our fresh organic produce is also sold there on an honor system in what we call our “Community Fridge”. Many of our neighbors come there as well to buy our organic produce. Check out our weekly harvest update for the most current produce information.

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Pali Uli Gardens: Please call the Hale Akua office at (808) 572-9300. Pali Uli Gardens is conveniently located in Huelo, next to Hale Akua Garden Farm, on the north shore of Maui, only fifteen minutes from Paia and forty minutes from the airport.


Hanehoi Falls

During the rainy season, Hanehoi Falls thunders through our 22 acre pristine Nature Reserve, down a cascading jungle stream that plummets over a one hundred and fifty foot waterfall to a stream that flows to the ocean.  This gorge and waterfall are protected and not open to public access.


SC-logo-smallSunrise Center, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization, AKA Launa I'o Eco Education Center, is the lease holder of Hale Akua Garden Farm and is pleased to present programs dealing with sustainable gardening, farming and herb growing on a regular basis.

Smoke-Free Rooms

Hale Akua Garden Farm is a smoke-free health resort. Employees and guests are prohibited from smoking tobacco on the property.

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