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Hale Akua featured in MauiTime!

Growing Forward

Producing Your Own fruits and vegetables may seem like hard work, but the payoff is ample – just ask the folks at Hale Akua

by Deborah Taj Anapol

This article appeared in the Green Issue of MauiTime, April 22, 2010

Lori Grace is passionate about contributing to a greener planet. When the County began enforcing agricultural zoning restrictions in January 2008, she decided to convert her eight-acre estate on Maui’s North Shore into a productive farm. The 59-year-old environmental activist, educator and philanthropist didn’t realize at first how demanding this makeover would be. Hale Akua always grew a variety of fruit trees, taro and flowers, but it’s now undergone an amazing transformation, reversing the usual trend of converting ag land into luxury subdivisions by dramatically increasing the amount of land under cultivation. While pre-contact Hawaiians had thriving communities throughout Huelo, this windswept coastal land was mostly cow pasture before being subdivided into large estates. Click to read entire article…


Haleakala Times

by Jan Welda

The word permaculture was created in the seventies by Bill Mollison of Tasmania and David Holmgren of Australia, from a combination of the words “permanent” and “culture.” Mollison has written a book on the subject called “The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps to Create a Self-Sustaining World.” Click to read entire article…

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