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Paradise on Maui

Heaven on Earth

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We felt like we were in a dream

Workshop Facilitator Alan Cohen, relating his experience at Hale Akua Garden Farm.


“The Garden of Eden are the words we have been using to describe Hale Akua Garden Farm. But it has been so much more. We deepened our love for one another and the world around us. Everyone we met was deeply sweet and heartful and totally CHILL! Everyone made us feel loved and cared for. All of the accommodations were first class lovely and placed in our hearts as sacred space for the divine and divine love. The spirit of love is alive here in this place. Mahalo.” – Sonia Rosa Lokey and Harry Orbe, Sausalito, CA


If total quiet and a self contained paradise are enough to make you happy, then Pali Uli is your nirvana.  The setting is totally lush.


This is an amazing area of the island that most people miss. If you get the opportunity to go to the Hale Akua Garden Farm – as it is now known, go!  It was simply spectacular. The idea of using your vacation/travel funds to both learn how to garden organically with awareness of your natural habitat and to support a Woofer farm program – where young folks come learn and practice these skills for several months at a time – is just cool.


I can not possibly give this place a better review- we have stayed at hotels, rented condos and houses before but still nothing compares. When my husband and I arrived the property I looked back at him and he said “It Does Exist” that pretty much sums up our 8 days in paradise.


We were overwhelmed with the beauty of the house and surroundings.


We really enjoyed being on the “locals” side of the island and avoiding all the tourists on the West/South shores.


My husband and I stayed at the Waterfall House for our 35th anniversary. We have traveled extensively since our honeymoon, always trying to stay in great accommodations. This by far outdid any place we have stayed and I do not think we will ever find another place to compare to the Waterfall House. The design and attention to every imaginable – and unimaginable -detail in the home is mind-boggling. Everything was immaculate, amazingly no problem with bugs.


This house should be on the “Homes of the Rich and Famous.” No expense has been spared in the building or decorating of this one of a kind home. I forgot to mention the grounds are indescribably gorgeous — acres and acres of botanical gardens.


I felt like a princess from an exotic land the whole week we were there… From the outstanding panoramic views of Maui’s rainforest and the estate, to the opulence of the palace itself. Every woken & sleeping moment I felt surrounded by beauty, richness, luxuriousness.

“Heaven on Earth” – CaptainPlanIt, Asheville, North Carolina
TripAdvisor Senior Contributor – Reviewed April 4, 2008

I’ve been sitting on this review for entirely too long. Why – because I’m afraid others will discover Pali Uli? It’s not like we will be going back again soon (not because we don’t want to, but because it was just so wonderful). It’s also a l-o-n-g way from North Carolina, and for us the Caribbean is so much closer and more convenient. Nevertheless, for us it was the trip of a lifetime.

My wife and I stayed in the Cliffhouse for seven nights, the middle week of our three week honeymoon. We are in our late 40s and this was the second time around for both of us. We felt we deserved a long, romantic vacation. Did we ever get it.

I did a lot of homework before choosing Pali Uli. Our first week was spent at a huge Hilton resort on the big island, and I wanted something smaller and more intimate next. I zeroed in on the inns and resorts on the Huelo coast of Maui with my research, and eventually picked Pali Uli.

One of my concerns was the remote location of the property. With a little planning (something I am {pat-pat} pretty good at) we made that work to our advantage. What we ended up doing was being “home” every night for dinner, and going out during the day to explore (that is, some days – others we stayed in).

I corresponded with the gal managing Pali Uli several times before the trip, inquiring about everything from what kind of coffee pot and filters they had to whether there was a blender (yes) to what kind of barbeque grill (gas) they provided. Prior to flying to Hawaii I made arrangements with a prepared food company to pick up several premade fresh frozen meals, and on arrival in Maui our first stop was the Safeway grocery store where we stocked up on steaks, snacks and stuff for the blender. In mid week we got some wine and gourmet take out from Mana Foods in Paia, all of which allowed us to stay in every night, which was fine with us. We reveled in the seclusion.

And my oh my are you ever secluded. The Cliffhouse is off the main road off a side road behind a gate at the driveway and through another gate into your own private paradise. Standing on the deck overlooking the cliff and ocean you can see one other house, sort of. If you lean out you can see the deck of Pali Uli’s other rental home, the Waterfall House. The staff cannot see you, will not bother you, and will not enter the Cliffhouse unit unless they call on the telephone. If you want total seclusion, this is it.

And that is not what some folks want. If people watching, a lively bar, walking or a taxi ride to restaurants, nightclubs and attractions is what you seek, then Pali Uli is not the place for you. It’s not real close to a beach. But if total quiet and a self contained paradise are enough to make you happy, then Pali Uli is your nirvana.

The setting is totally lush. You enter the Cliffhouse by walking up a rain forest lined path and pass through a hand carved door into your private sanctuary. There you enter a garden with a small pool and a single roomed luxury bedroom hut that opens with French doors to the pool. There are two separate outdoor sitting areas; one slightly elevated and more open to the sun, and the other, next to the grill, more “jungle” like under an umbrella at an outdoor dining table. The second, larger building contains another bed in the center, an ornate bathroom with a wonderful outdoor shower, a small but well equiped kitchen, an entertainment nook with TV, satellite radio and DVD player, a tiny dining area that opens onto the deck that overlooks the cliff and ocean, and a multi level deck with a hot tub sunk into the floor. The pictures on their website are truly representative of the property.

The gal who checked us in was very friendly, helpful and informative. The guy who does the daily maintenance showed up the next day, after he called first, and asked us when we would like the hot tub the warmest and then set it to cycle on our schedule (sunrise and sunset). Through a recommendation from Pali Uli we arranged for his and hers massages and two masseuses came, with tables, and rubbed us down there in the entrance to the deck. We arrived at the Cliffhouse at 7 pm on a Sunday and the first time we left was mid-morning on Wednesday.

The location is right at the start of the Hana highway, a curvy, meandering road to the town of Hana. We drove about halfway one morning, stopping to walk at some of the parks and overlooks along the way, before heading back past the property to go shopping in Paia. Another day we went all the way to Hana, and on Saturday we went to the swap meet in Kahului (highly recommended). We ate out for lunch several times, but other than those trips we stayed in at Pali Uli, and were entirely content to do so. Some might get bored; we loved being alone together.

Pali Uli certainly isn’t the kind of place to go with kids. It is an unbelievable honeymoon destination, or if you want to sit back, recharge, refresh and revitalize, you can do that here. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, and truth be told, am dreaming of going back again someday.

Liked — Lascivious luxury
Stayed July 2006, traveled as a couple
Check in / front desk

SC-logo-smallSunrise Center, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization, AKA Launa I'o Eco Education Center, is the lease holder of Hale Akua Garden Farm and is pleased to present programs dealing with sustainable gardening, farming and herb growing on a regular basis.

Smoke-Free Rooms

Hale Akua Garden Farm is a smoke-free health resort. Employees and guests are prohibited from smoking tobacco on the property.

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